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I'm David, thanks for being here.

My sessions are individually tailored, I can offer you a variety of treatments to meet your needs:

We can do a Swedish treatment, which is a soothing massage done with light to medium pressure, best designed to decompress, unwind, and relax. Perfect if you need tenderness, or a peaceful nap. This is a full body session but not particularly thorough in any one area, by design.

We can do a deep tissue session, where we will work toward releasing muscular stress by relaxing the superficial tissues, and accessing deeper musculature with long, slow, superficial-to-deep movements. This is not the most relaxing, as some of the work can be intense. Best for targeted areas, for full body deep tissue 1.5 to 2hrs is best.

An athletic massage would be a bit more energetic, varying degrees of pressure, some assisted static stretching. (and upbeat music ;)

Lastly, a therapeutic massage is intended to aid in the recovery of soft tissue injuries, improvement of range of motion, and correction of muscular imbalances, targeted session.

Most sessions end up being a mixture of all modalities, talk to me if you have preferences.

We can use cups, theragun, hot stones... aromatherapy is included in all sessions. (if you have a scent request let me know).

Your massage is customized for your needs. if you are a first time client, please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.

Some massage beneftis include: increased circulation (blood and lymphatic), reduced muscle tension, pain, aiding in easing joint stiffness, all while relaxing soft tissue, and inducing a calm state of mind.

The brands and products I use are made in New Mexico, USA and contain
No Synthetic oils, No Petroleum , No Parabens.
I am committed to the advancement of the profession by exceeding standards and offering unparalleled service. All bodies are welcomed.

I look forward to being your partner in well-being.


What makes us a client favorite


Support a San Antonio small business.  Get a personally tailored experience in a more intimate space.  Great spa alternative.


Book ahead for preferred days and times.  


Organic, hypo-allergenic and humane products, lotions, and oils Made in USA; safe for sensitive skin.  Eco-friendly small business.

What People Are Saying

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Such an amazing massage experience! It's been a long time since I've had a massage and David made it worth the wait.


If your looking for an amazing massage therapist David is the one and also great price !

Thank you David


I’ve been seeing David for over a year now! Hands down the most compassionate and knowledgeable massage therapist!  

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